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Wedding favours – do we have to?

When did this love affair with wedding favours begin? And must you have them at your wedding?

A wedding favour, in the same vein as a party bag (you know, the little brown paper packages tied up with string filled with sticky sweets that your child’s friends’ mothers rather wish you hadn’t), is a little gift for your guests to show your appreciation.

The good news, despite various eyebrows raised to the contrary by those who believe in being ‘gracious’ to your guests (what is it with weddings and the emphasis on gracious behaviour?), is that they most definitely are not a ‘must have’, despite the obsessive preaching of every wedding directory and magazine to the contrary.

Nowhere is it written that wedding guests must get party favours as a token of your gracious gratitude. Your guests, unlike those of your child’s party, do not need consoling for not having been the centre of attention. Surely you owe them little more than the hospitality of the occasion? (which is expensive enough without adding yet something else to the ever growing list).

Be prepared to meet resistance from those (read: wedding industry) who not only believe in wedding reception favours, but bridal shower favours as well! My take on all this fuss is that favours are wonderful, if you have something you really want to give your guests. If you do not, give it a skip. Simple.

And for those of you still convinced that favours are an honour bound part of good wedding etiquette, give your mother and grandmother a call – bet they didn’t do favours at their weddings. In fact, I’ll be surprised if your grandmother even knows what a wedding favour is.

PS: whatever happened to good-old sugared almonds (Bomboniere) presented in something pretty? It at least gives your guests something on which to nibble through the speeches.

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