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Which Technology Tools To Use For Your Wedding

The average bride is not going to start thinking ‘technology’ when it comes to planning her wedding. Whilst the groom might debate which app or technology platform he can download, which online tool or website he can use, you’re more likely to tear bits out of magazines, or use pink post-it notes to mark the pages than turn to your computer.

And yet…

There is so much by way of e-invites, online registries, inspiration boards, photo apps and wedding websites (like this one) out there.

And you don’t have to be a web guru to use them, so why not entertain using some of, if not all, the following to help you get through your wedding:

For inspiration:

Pinterest or Tailored (specifically for brides) – great all-in-one picture board style sites with your own login. A great space in which to put wedding dress ideas, flowers, décor details and any other aspects to your wedding that grab your fancy. You’re left with a wedding ‘look’ that is easy to pass on to wedding organisers, venue organisers and photographers, to get them in the picture.

For gifts:

WeddingRepublic  – great idea, and an ‘upgrade’ on the average online wedding registry – create ‘wishlists’ if you already live together and don’t need ‘traditional’ gift registries. Unfortunately, the site makes use only of dollars or pounds, which could cause complications. Try local registries Yuppiechef, Silver Ribbon, The Gift Company, The Wedding Gift List, Cinnamon Sue and stores such as Woolworths instead.

For invites:

Paperless Post delivers invites online, as does eVite, and Pixelmator is a Mac-based image editor that allows for easy design and manipulation.

For your wedding website:

WordPress is still at a top choice as they have customised themes for weddings, and setting up an account is free.

For wedding photos:

Snapable – fantastic for creating an online album, it’s a photo sharing app specifically geared for weddings that allows your guests to upload the photos they take as well. Great for the couple who easily collect every photo taken at the wedding, and allow guests to take part (no more disposable cameras).

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Happy Wedding Planning!

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