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Trash That Dress!

A trend that has crept into the wedding scene over the last couple of years is something affectionately known as the “Trash the Dress” shoot. Now I can almost hear the collective gasping happening at the thought of destroying that gorgeous once-in-a-lifetime princess gown of yours, but just relax…I once again remind you that it is YOU who makes the rules. I am simply here to offer you options.

Basically a TTD shoot is just another opportunity for you to get back into that fabulous dress of yours and take some more wonderful pictures. If you have rented your dress, the best time for your Trash the Dress shoot will be the day after the wedding. Of course you can’t do this if you have already jumped on a flight to Tahiti, but if you are still in town the morning after your big day, then there is no reason that you can’t jump back into that dress and have some fun. Of course if you own your wedding dress, you can pretty much organize a shoot for anytime you want.

The idea here is really to just relax and have some fun, and of course to walk away with some more cool pictures. Because you are no longer under any sort of wedding pressure, it is far easier to just sit back and have some fun. Now you can pretty much do whatever you want – you can even literally trash that dress!

Popular trash the dress shoots seem to take place on the beach where the bride and groom pretty much get wet and sandy and play for the camera. Another popular TTD theme is animals. There’s no wedding reception to get back to, so feel free to play with your dogs, or ride a horse or do any number of fun things with your furry friends.  Otherwise if you do a bit of a google search you will most certainly find many TTD shoots where the bride and groom are throwing mud or even paint at each other.

You have an endless pool of options to choose from here and it’s all about extending the wedding experience just a little bit more so dig into your creative side just a little bit more and have fun!

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