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Maid Of Honour Check List

Being the Maid of Honour (MOH) is a very special, very important duty. As MOH, you have a number of responsibilities, both before the big day and on it. Still, it is important not to get so overwhelmed by the job that you forget to relax and have fun.

This Maid Of Honour Check List will ensure that, as the MOH, you can help the bride to have the time of her life, while making this day a special and memorable one:

  • Listen to the bride to ensure that you have a good understanding of what she needs and wants from you during her wedding planning adventure. Be supportive and cooperative; this is her big day.
  • Offer to help with tasks like putting invitations in envelopes, packing wedding favours or keeping invoices in order.
  • Let the guests know where the registry is and be up-to-date with what gifts are still available so that you can offer advice.
  • Host or co-host the bridal showers, while always keeping the bridesmaids involved in the process. Keep a detailed record of all of the gifts she received.
  • Be at all of the pre-wedding get-togethers.
  • Go shopping for the wedding dress, jewellery, décor and other goodies with the bride, offering advice based on what you know she wants for her day and not on your preferences.
  • Ensure that the bridesmaids are kept informed (about dress fittings, rehearsals, get-togethers, hair, make-up, etc…) and that everyone is there on time.
  • Be vigilant about the schedule so that the bride doesn’t need to worry about the time or punctuality.
  • Help the bride to get dressed, hold her train before and after the ceremony, and down the aisle (if necessary).
  • Hold the groom’s ring during the ceremony and the bride’s bouquet during the vows.
  • At the reception, be a host. Show the guests where to go, refresh drinks, ask them to sign the guest book, and so on.
  • If gift envelopes are left at the gift table, collect them and put them in a safe place.
  • Ensure that the bride eats and drinks something during the reception.
  • Dance with the best man for the first formal dance.
  • You may be asked to give a toast after the best man.

The most important job of the Maid Of Honour is to be a support to the bride. Be ready with tissues, a hug and a big smile during the planning process and on her most special of days.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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