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What Not to Wear to a Wedding

There are certain items of clothing that just don’t go down well at a wedding:

Although this might seem obvious, there are still those who unwittingly persist, so let’s say it again: It is not cool to pitch in a floaty white dress to someone else’s wedding. Not unless you’ve just had a baby, or are over 80 – then you might just get away with it.

Black usually indicates mourning, unless the bride has stated ‘black tie affair’ under dress code. In particular this is not a colour for women. You can get away with it if the dress is a perfect cocktail dress, or full of sequins. But if the outfit belongs in a funeral procession, donning it for a wedding is a no-no. And the same goes for your partner – a black tux is a perfect way to one-up the groom – tacky.

Yes, they are comfortable and yes, they can look sexy, but to a wedding? Unless it’s a beach or a backyard wedding venue, give them a skip.

Skimpy dresses
A barely there number, held up by a shoestring or two, and just covering your derriere is, well, to put it quite plainly, lacking in taste at a wedding. If it is more than slightly suggestive, put it back on the hangar for the next bachelorette do.

Dressed to upstage
The same goes for any over-the-top number designed to upstage the bride. Whilst this can get a little problematic if it’s a ‘black tie’ event. If it says ‘look at me, look at ME’ then rather think again. If you were the bride, would you mind if someone else wore the number you’re thinking of appearing in?

A power suit
Whilst this might be something in which you’re comfortable, it belongs in the boardroom rather than at a wedding. It’s time to leave the business you at home. You’re celebrating the union of two people, so opt for something a little less stuffy.

Anything over-the-top
Excessive eye shadow, a loud hat, dress or shoes, anything that says ‘I have extremely poor taste in clothing’ or ‘I am desperate for attention’ might keep people talking for a week, but it won’t earn you brownie points with the bride.

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