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Morning After Wedding Photos – Would You Do It?

Yet one more overly obsessive documentation of your wedding, another photographic wedding milestone set to wring every last cent out of you, or a really good idea?

There is a new trend on the wedding block. We’ve only just got a handle on the first kiss, first dance, engagement shoot, pre-wedding shoot regimen, when now there’s a morning after photography shoot.

This shoot has a totally different angle. It’s intimate. It involves rumpled sheets, semi-clad husband and wife, in sexy almost not there attire, using a camera filter.

And whilst they’re not quite porno, they border on raunchy, or can do. It’s up to you. You could always opt for the ‘cute and cuddly in pyjama bottoms’ angle. That is, if you’re doing them at all.

Some photographers already heavily into the business of morning after photographs  deny that there is anything sexy about them. Instead they claim that they’re going for happiness and closeness. Their intention is to capture the moment when a couple realise that they’re really husband and wife.

Perhaps the exhibitionists amongst us will like this one. Kate Moss and her newest husband, Jamie Hince, did their morning-after shoot at the Ritz. But does that really mean that us plebians should automatically follow suit?

Do we want behind the scenes, sensual, snuggling photographs as documentation? Should these not be left exactly where they are? In the bedroom. And do you really want to bare all to the photographer in the room?

It does beg the big question: why? Why would one hire someone else (equivalent to a stranger but for the camera hung about his neck) to document rather posed, certainly artificial, erotic angles of the two of you in bed together? Have we become so  Facebooked into a state of submission to others ‘like’ that not even what happens in the bedroom is sacred?

Is our obsession with reality television such that our need for voyeurism knows no bounds? Is nothing private anymore? Who is going to see these photos? Your friends, your family? Do I think it’s freaky? Yes.

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