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What a woman wants in a husband

Bet you this will be the one article that men read. How you choose a wedding dress, do your hair, or how many guests you’re inviting to the wedding could not interest them less, but what you seek in your man, well, that’s a little different.

Just what is it that a woman seeks in a man – enough to marry him.

You’ve probably heard the obvious ones, like: to know she is loved (i.e. tell her often and bring her flowers), conversation, listening and sharing household and child-rearing responsibilities. But Forbes does an annual study that comes up with a few that are, rather interesting (they follow in no particular order).

A good financial prospect – the modern woman (the post 2010 kind) rates a man’s financial potential as more desirable than before. Whilst it limps in after items like love and maturity, today’s woman seems to hold a good economic partner as good husband material.

Emotional stability and maturity – this in an interesting one and has ranked within women’s top three throughout the 20th century. It comes in just behind a dependable character, someone a woman can count on – so support and trustworthiness are right up there too. Interestingly, men rank emotional stability, maturity and dependability highly too, and is something they seek in women.

Desire for home and children – whilst the 1977 study ranked this particular trait right down at no 10, today’s woman ranks it at number four.  This probably has a lot to do with women being dual-earners in relationships and wanting husbands who will contribute at home. More women today hope that he will take the lead at home.

Education and intelligence – this ranks at no five, and has since 1977. Making it one of the most desirable male traits for 30 years.

Ambition and industriousness – interestingly ambition has lost its appeal to women over time, although it still makes it into the top 10 checklist. In 1939 women ranked it at no three, today it’s at number eight, probably due the fact that more women have thriving careers and don’t need a husband as a sole provider.

And finally, good health, although this is only at number nine, but remains important, particularly later in marriage.

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