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If Paul McCartney can do it… all about second weddings, third (and even fourth) weddings

Bless – Sir Paul McCartney, the music legend of Beatles fame, recently posted banns at the Marylebone Register office in London. This will be his third marriage to fiancé Nancy Shevell, after divorcing Heather Mills in a rather unfriendly courtroom battle in 2008.

Don’t you find that some people can get rather ‘funny’ about second or third marriages. When invited to the wedding, there is a certain judgement to the way they tutt over the invitation and pin it to the door of the fridge with a flourish.

I haven’t worked out if this is because they are slightly envious (they’d love another wedding), or just hanging on, rather rigidly, to their idea of a marriage being a forever thing, regardless (not sure that gritted teeth a marriage doth make).

The strange thing is, despite being ‘this day and age’ – a time in which nothing is really socially taboo – an etiquette still exists about how one should get married the second or third time around. Whether or not you choose to take any notice, is entirely up to you.

The first issue that springs to mind is – should the bride wear white? Well, Kate Moss did, even if etiquette dictates that the white, which signifies virginity (it does?), is for first-time around brides.

Other second-time around stars, like Reese Witherspoon didn’t. And someone like Helena Bonham-Carter wore red velvet and a black veil, but then she was marrying Tim Burton…(there goes the theory that second-time around brides shouldn’t wear veils).

And what about the kitchen tea? Well, you’ve probably got a home full of stuff, particularly if each of you is coming from a fully-established household, but that’s no reason not to have a bash with your girlfriends, no gifts required, or with a suggestion list of little things you might still want.

And who escorts the bride down the aisle? Well it’s not out of the question that Dad does it again, but many brides choose to walk down the aisle with their second-time around partners, or just on their own.

And who says it has to be low key and intimate? Again, it depends entirely on the two of you, how you choose to celebrate.

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