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Wedding Make-Up Tips

How to look your best on the day, and have it stay on, is top of every bride’s list when asking for make-up advice. Many brides turn to the professionals and hire make-up artists to help them. Whilst it’s lovely to have someone in to do it all for you, you need to know that the look they’re going to give you is the one you want. And you need to have the budget to afford them.

It’s not always necessary to hire help. With a few handy tips, a well-lit mirror, and a rehearsal before the time, you and your bridesmaids can probably pull it off on your own. And here are a few healthy tips to bear in mind (we’re not going to instruct on how to outline your lips correctly, but these will come in handy).

Go natural – make-up on your wedding day, particularly if the wedding is during the day, should be as natural as possible. The emphasis is on eyes, with almost naked lips.

Focus on one feature – if you’re going dramatic. For instance go for bold lips, or eye make-up in a different colour to create a particular look, but don’t do everything bold, or you’ll end up looking positively burlesque.

Experiment with airbrushing – airbrush makeup is ready to spray on to your skin, as opposed to applying it with fingers and sponges. It has a fine pigment size so looks incredible on the skin. The upside to airbrush make-up is that it’s easier to spray than paint, and is easy to apply – the brands, like Kryolan, Mehron, Dinair and Ben Nye, come with instructions. It’s also light-weight, not heavy as one might expect. The downside is that it’s pretty expensive, and you need a kit to apply it.

Blend, blend, blend – spend a lot of time with your fingers and sponge, to make sure that any make-up you apply is well blended. Make-up artists say this is their biggest secret.

Matte powder – is your best friend. Keep it handy for any blotting.

Waterproof mascara – you will doubtless cry at your wedding.

Trawl the internet for helpful videos – there are countless make-up tutorials from people willing to share their knowledge with you. View these before deciding what will work for you.

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