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Engagement shoots – a good idea?

According to some, engagement photographic shoots are important. They even venture to say that one should have them. Although the major reason sited by this particular article was ‘so that the bride can experiment with her make-up look before the big day’, and to perhaps test the skills of the photographer you are considering.

I don’t know about you, but any bride who is that prepared deserves a medal.

I concede though that engagement shoots can be special. And it’s a lovely idea to cement a special moment, provided you’re not into being captured in a wheat field,  whilst hugging a tree, or when posing in an inner city alleyway with graffitti splayed on the wall behind you – there’s your reason right there, for saying ‘no’ to cheesy engagement photos.

If your photographer is any good, they’ll manage to capture the essence of you and your partner when the shoot is somewhere meaningful, like where you met, or where the question was popped. Or where you both spend a lot of your time – like your back garden, or your local coffee shop.

You shouldn’t find yourself in some weird location, your back pressed up against a car in a motor museum because the photographer thinks it will give the photo shoot street cred.

The danger with a large majority of these kind of engagement shoots is how fake they end up looking. Whilst it’s cool today, twenty years from now you’ll cringe when your daughter asks you, with a quizzical expression on her face, why you’re both up a tree with a balloon in your hands.

You’re probably going to use these photos in your wedding invitations or on your wedding blog, so there needs to be a certain element of fun. Just use your discretion and look beyond what the wedding industry feeds you. Be original, or better yet, just be you.

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