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I’m not quite clear how I feel about the news that there is yet another new and unique concept to offer couples as they tie the knot. On the one hand, wow – what a great idea, and a novel new career prospect for someone who has what it takes to offer this wonderful service.

On the other hand, groan – yet another concept jostling for attention (never mind the added expense) in the already overcrowded wedding industry.

Enter the wedding reporter. A novel idea to come out of the UK, where it has been pioneered by Emma Woodhouse (yup, straight out of a Jane Austen novel, although she swears it’s her married name).

A wedding reporter is like a journalist/novelist (it helps if they have illustrative ability or a very good designer friend), only with your best interests at heart. She/he attends your wedding and puts together a book (called a ‘literary legacy’) of your day.

It’s not as simple as it sounds, actually. When done properly the report looks and reads beautifully and acts as a thoroughly unique reminder of your day in a way that photographs can’t (not that I’m for a moment comparing, or suggesting that you forego photographs for a wedding reporter!).

The idea is that your bound wedding ‘report’, which is actually more like a book, is filled with the details you would otherwise miss; a vivid description of the emotions and treasured moments of your day.

A wedding reporter writes about the people and the relationships that she sees before her. She picks out the little details, the character of your wedding, the shape it takes before her eyes. She highlights the romance, captures the magnificence of your day in words so that each time you re-read her account, you are transported back to the moment when the words you shared infront of everyone bound you together for a lifelong journey.

In essence, it’s a love story. One you won’t want to put down.

Sold on the idea? I am. I think it’s beautiful. Now we just have to wait for someone to offer the service in South Africa. Or you can invite Emma Woodhouse – she might be persuaded, for a small fee.

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