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The Alternatives to Sit-Down-Dinner Receptions

Here is where it begins to get a little difficult. Because, whilst you’re almost certain what time of day you want your wedding to happen, you’re not that sure about the reception.

Getting married as the sun sets is a lovely concept, but a sit-down dinner reception can get a little pricey. What about a champagne breakfast, lunch or a high tea of note? We explore a couple of alternatives to Sit-Down-Dinner Receptions.

All of these alternative to dinner styles of reception are worth a quick look-see, as each has its merits.

Champagne Breakfast / Brunch: 11am – 2pm

  • Great if you and your guests are early morning risers
  • The light, (very) early morning, is particularly beautiful for wedding pictures
  • Breakfasts are, as a rule, less expensive particularly as people drink way less alcohol and are provide excellent alternatives to Sit-Down-Dinner Receptions.
  • Great if you want to keep the reception short and sweet, so that you can make an escape to your honeymoon destination
  • Not great for those guests who have some way to travel to reach you
  • It doesn’t have to be low-key, bring out the bone china, serve incredible cup cakes, and go for the ‘English country garden’ or ‘madhatters tea party’ feel

Lunch: 1pm – 4pm

  • This works particularly well for a garden party
  • Again, you can save on the cost of alcohol by serving champagne during the cocktail hour, and wine with lunch, but that isn’t to say that you shouldn’t have a full bar
  • Mid-morning allows for a more laid back approach to the food, particularly if you’re eating out of doors – al fresco has an element of fresh and light to it (sandwiches with a twist, incredible fresh salads, and exotic arrangements of fruit) and offers charming alternatives to Sit-Down-Dinner Receptions
  • This time of day works really well for a picnic reception – think raspberry and mint iced tea, colourful blankets, and sophisticated eats (but provide chairs for those who can’t sit cross-legged)

Afternoon Tea: 3pm – 6pm

  • This is a beautiful time of day in summer, the light is wonderful late afternoon for photos
  • High tea allows a lot of playfulness and frivolity – bring in the bountiful cup cakes, lay on the bone china tea sets, provide exotic leaf teas, strawberries and cream, cheese cake – you get the picture

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