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Suiting Up the Groom – Rent, Buy or Bespoke

Countless wedding blogs and websites are dedicated to bridal gowns, depending on her size, height, shape, inclination, season in which she marries, or the colour scheme.

But there is not much of a guideline for the groom. When it comes to suiting up, a groom has the following to choose from: he can go for custom made tailored suits, made-to-measure suits, off the rack, or he can hire.

Bespoke – gives the groom complete control over every detail of the suit’s make and style; it entails having your measurements taken and endless suit fittings until you have what you want; it comes at a cost, but the advantage is exclusivity; particularly good for those grooms who are specific, fussy, know exactly what they want, have the time for all the fuss, the money, and will wear the suit again and again after the wedding.

Made-to-measure – is simply a version of bespoke, except that instead of cutting a unique pattern individually crafted for the groom, the suit will be made from an existing standard pattern and will often use only standard styling; almost as expensive, but will also give exclusivity for the groom who can afford it.

Off the shelf – the huge advantage of suits off the shelf is that you get exactly what you see, you don’t have to imagine how the suit will eventually look. And there is little effort required other than trying on various options, even if it can take a few weeks before you find the right suit. Depending on where you buy, you can get some aesthetically beautiful clothing with a price tag that won’t come close to the bespoke option.

Rent – even if you do not finally decide to rent, a tux or wedding suit rental is a good place to start, simply to see how you will look when all geared up for your wedding – do you stick with traditional black or opt for dark grey or navy; tux or no tux? The up side to rental is the cost, the simplicity, and the ease of the experience. If you contact them ahead of time with your measurements, they should select those closest to your size before you even arrive for a fitting, and some will even make adjustments for you. The downside is that you won’t get the fit you would if going for the tailor-made route.

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