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Tips on Staying Healthy Over the Festive Season

Sigh. That seems to be something that is happening everywhere you listen this time of year. General exhaustion reigns supreme, as the busiest time of the year begins. With end of year functions, weddings, parties and the general season of merriment upon us, it is easy for forget all routine and slip into a spiral of late nights, takeout and sugary cocktails.

Whether it is your big day coming up, or you simply want to ‘glow’ through the holiday season, here are my tips for staying healthy over the festive season (i.e. season of over-indulgence):

Plan ahead:

It’s easy to grab a packet of chips on the way to the beach, an ice cream while you are there or a takeout simply because you forgot to do the grocery shopping this week. You probably won’t starve, but you will up your calorie count and budget – while depriving your body of what it needs. Of course, while everyone is on holiday-mode you will be eating out more and consume more treats – but no need to go overboard. Plan your meals at home, make sure you’re stocked up with fresh fruit for snacking – we’re blessed with gorgeous watermelon, strawberries and litchis this time of year. If you’re going to spend the day a the beach, pack a picnic from home. Not only will it save you money, it will probably taste better than anything the vendors are selling.

Start your day right:

Try to have a good breakfast every day – poached eggs on toast, fruit salad and yoghurt or a power-packed smoothie will prevent a sugar slump mid-way through your morning and ensure you get to enjoy more of your day.

Set aside time to do nothing:

Your holiday can easily become overwhelmed by end of year functions, cocktail parties, weddings, dinners out with friends and family. Set days aside each week that are just for you – whether it’s to enjoy a movie alone or spend the day in your pyjamas at home – you need this time for your body and mind to recover. If you can fit in a yoga class or some reading – bonus points.

Get moving:

I’m not suggesting a daily spinning class, but try and fit some activity into your days. For those of us who spend our working days behind a desk, it will give your body a much needed shake-up. Whether it’s a sunny walk on the promenade, a picnic and walk through the botanical gardens, a little fresh air in your lungs and sun on your skin will revive body and mind.

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