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How Choosing A Colour Palette Can Effect Your Wedding Mood

Ever thought of combining pumpkin orange with fuscia? I didn’t either, until I saw the two together recently. Moss green and navy, or pink, soft blue and gentle yellow? White and silver?

Whilst few of them sound that enticing when written as a description, once you see them used in various table settings, or in photographs of others’ weddings, you can start to formulate an idea of what colours you would like to use. We’re at a definite advantage these days with wedding ideas all over the internet.

When choosing a colour palette it is important to choose colours that speak to you and that make you feel happy, spontaneous or safe – because different colours bring out different responses in all of us.

That colours affect your mood is not news to anyone. We all know that red evokes agitation or excitement and yellow elicites elation or cheer (hence their appearance at weddings), whilst green evokes calm and serenity.

There has even been research that suggests that the light of colours directly affects the centre of emotions, found in the hypothalamus, which then affects the pituitary gland that controls the endocrine system. This, in turn, controls the thyroid and sex glands, which control hormone levels, which control mood and emotion (rather complex, but you get the picture).

Here is a list of colours and their accompanying emotions to give you an idea:

Black – unpleasant, unhappy, miserable
White – clarity, innocence, elegance
Red – surprise, intense
Orange – optimistic, joy, sociable
Yellow – detoxifying, self-confident, stimulating
Pink/Rose – idealism, sympathy, expressive, diminishes aggression
Grey – neutral (a good colour to combine with a brighter shade)
Blue – calm, longing, clarity
Violet – mysticism, inspiring, purifying
Green – calm, harmony, security, hope
Turquoise – freedom, fresh, spiritual openness

Some ‘hot’ colour combinations for weddings going into 2013:

  • Red as an accent colour
  • Pumpkin orange and pink
  • Pink and green
  • Pink and chocolate brown
  • Brown, green and orange
  • Black and white
  • Delicate pink and pewter grey
  • Peach and silver (with a bit of cream thrown in for good measure)
  • Yellow

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