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6 Non-Toe Curling Ways to Get Your Wedding Guests Involved

Must be the influence of Facebook but have you noticed how big it is for interactive receptions? Well, if you haven’t, it is. Take it from us – we know.

There is a major shift away from the formality of weddings (and even if you’re keeping it formal there is a tongue-in-cheek aspect to the proceedings) to one of informality and fun. Most importantly, your guests want to have a great time, and not necessarily because of the food and booze.

Waiters alla Madam Zingara
If you’ve attended this bizarre and thoroughly interactive production (and production it is!) then you’ll know what I’m talking about. This is theatre of the highest degree. It doesn’t stop at the proscenium arch, even the waiters and waitreses have feisty, eccentric attitudes and come dressed outrageously, adding an enchantment to the  entire evening. Want similar for your wedding reception? Imagine being able to read your tarot cards at the door? You’ll have to visit a drama department or contact Madam Zingara to see what you can do…

Photo or video booths
These are very trendy. Gather together an array of different props appropriate to your theme, get guests to bring their own, and you’ve got a heap of photos of your guests that no photographer could have managed.

Lawn games
Croquet anyone? Or chess? These go down a treat at a morning or afternoon wedding reception if you have access to a beautiful outdoor space and a giant lawn. Great photo moments.

Interactive slide show
This one takes a little organising, but the idea is that someone snaps your guests unawares and quickly uploads the pics to a slide show running on one of the reception walls. Guests get to see themselves within moments…

Wedding guest feedback
For those minutes that the guests end up sitting at tables waiting for the bride and groom, provide some fun ideas: provide a feedback form headed ‘marriage advice for the happy couple’ where they can fill in their names and details and then a space for any future advice.

Interactive wedding book
Wedding guest books are all the rage – your guests sign them and leave you a special message. But an alternative is providing each of them with a postcard on which they can write you the message, to be collected by your bridesmaids and posted to you over the coming year.

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