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Gorgeous Latest Wedding Hairstyles

Whilst describing hairstyles with words alone can be a little tricky there are so many gorgeous hot hairstyles gracing the Oscars and other red carpets of the stars at the moment, that it seems a pity not to ‘borrow’ many of them, as they translate so well to weddings.

What is becoming more and more evident is that ways to wear your hair at weddings is not about going out on a limb, it’s about adopting something graceful, beautiful and not too far removed from the way you might wear your hair normally.


There are so many different ways of wearing the braid.

  • The braid crown worn right on the hairline of the forehead with or without little wisps of fringe and nape of the neck escaping
  • The alice-band braid worn over the top of the head with feathered bangs and wisps escaping (a slightly messy, but nonetheless gorgeous look for those with high foreheads)
  • The romantic, flowery braid where the braid trails from the fringe into a messy bun at the nape of the neck, set off with flowers
  • The half-up, half-down braid from the side of the head caught in a bit of a bun centre back of head, with the rest of the hair hanging loose
  • The side braid caught into the nape of the neck in a knot; loosen the pieces at the hairline for less severity


  • The half up style where tumbling waves cascade down your back whilst side bits are caught up at the back of the head; pieces to frame the face are loosened
  • Voluminous curls – great for gorgeous, long tresses, simple and loose
  • Swept up with combs – loose, but sweep up the sides with crystal barrettes


  • The classic curls updo – curls swept up and caught at the back of the head with a vintage barrette above the bun
  • The sheek chignon – gorgeous and simple; swept-back hair into a medium bun at the crown, complements a high neckline and long sleeves
  • The glossy ponytail – straighten hair and then sweep up onto crown of head, wrapping a piece of hair around the elastic
  • The mega topknot – pull hair tightly onto top of the head and wrap into an oversize ballerina bun – shows off the cheeckbones

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