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Fun Wedding Themes For You To Consider

The easiest way to put an extra special touch on your wedding day is to choose a wedding theme that is a little “out there”. This, of corse, will take a lot of extra planning, but it will also most certainly be a lot of fun to carry out.

Here are a couple of fun wedding themes for you to consider:

A Rainbow Wedding

Having a rainbow themed wedding means that your colour options are endless. Try putting rainbow socks on your grooms feet and brightly coloured stockings on your bridesmaids.  Get yourself a rainbow wedding cake (we’ve all seen that glorious cake with multi-coloured layers) and decorate  the ceiling with bright paper lanterns. How festive!

A Fairy Wedding

This means that you can wear gorgeous fairy wings and long flowing dresses in gorgeous floral colours. You can wear flowers in your curled (or frizzy!) hair and you can dance barefoot around a beautifully decorated maypole.

A Camping Wedding

A camping themed wedding could be a lot of fun for an outdoor wedding near a lake if planned nicely. You could have bonfires and serve camping-style food. It might even be fun if guests had access to things like paddle boats and other camp-y things. With a little effort there is no reason why the wedding couldn’t be beautiful as well as a lot of fun.

A Carnival Theme

Again this a theme with endless options that will be a blast to plan. A carnival themed wedding means that you can organise a whole bunch of carnival games for your guests to play, complete with fun prizes. Your guests will love being entertained in this way. And the food? Well, hot dog, candy floss, toffee apple and popcorn stands of course – what else?!

A Literary Wedding

Book lovers will have a ball planning a book-themed wedding, where the theme is literature in general. Books become the main focus of the decor, which may sound a little crazy but it can be done in a particularly effective way if you are willing to put in a good amount of effort.

A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Wedding

This is particularly popular theme because of its versatility. Food and decor options are endless and guests can dress up any way they want.

A Geek Wedding

They say that being a geek means that you get to express your love for something with reckless abandon and without apology. Is it just me, or does that sound super romantic? Pretty much anything can fall into the category of a “geek” themed wedding, but usually it will be the expression of a particular fandom. Anything from Lord of the Rings to Star Wars to Doctor Who would make a great theme for a wedding. Imagine how wonderful your wedding photographs will look if they are taken outside of the TARDIS!

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