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Find the right photographer for your wedding – some tips

Finding the right wedding photographer is slightly more difficult than choosing your wedding venue, or your outfit. And I’ll explain to you why. Your dress or your shoes, your bouquet, even the wedding cake, you can see. Your photographers ability to capture the moment in just the way you imagined, is a totally different ball game.

Firstly you need referrals. Someone you know should either have used them or have a friend of a cousin of a friend who has seen them in action. And don’t make the mistake of skipping the expense of a photographer because your cousin James has just bought a really great camera.

Next up take a look at the photographers’ (try and have a couple initially to choose from) website (every good wedding photographer these days has a website) and to see if their style is more-or-less what you’re after. Bear in mind that a photographer will only publish their very best pics online.

Then interview the wedding photographer in person, and here is where you can be specific about your needs and should not be scared to speak your mind. Most importantly you need to feel comfortable with them. This is not the photographer’s big moment (although watching some photographers in action, you might be mistaken) it is yours.

Ask them for a complete list of shots they have taken of one particular wedding. This will give you a very good idea of their ability to capture the personalities of the bride and groom. Ask them for references you can contact.

Then ask them about whether they help choose the final pictures, if friends and family can order reprints, what the quote includes (does it come with an album of pictures) and anything else you deem important.

At the end of the day it is about the chemistry between you and the photographer, as well as their expertise.

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