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10 Tips For An Eco-Friendly Wedding

An impressive number of brides are opting for more eco-friendly weddings these days and the results are far from boring. You may think that Going Green is synonymous with narrowing down your choices but that is most certainly not the case. The options for hosting an event that won’t take a massive toll on the environment are endless. Here are just a few options to consider.

  • Have the wedding and the reception in the same place. The less people are driving around to get to where they need to be the less fuel is being used.
  • Use flower petals for confetti instead of paper, sequins, streamers etc.
  • Use potted flowers instead of flower arrangements for the table centrepieces.
  • Try to stick to locally sourced organic flowers for your wedding bouquet (and the centrepieces and confetti for that matter).
  • Instead of buying cheap plastic trinkets (in bulk) as wedding favours, choose something consumable. Something homemade (think cookies) is always great, otherwise plant saplings make a great wedding favour.
  • Print your wedding invitations on recycled paper. Instead of adding a card with a directions map, have a copy of the directions that you can email to those who need them.
  • Use a caterer who supports local organic farmers then discuss your options for locally sourced seasonal foods.
  • Purchase a vintage wedding dress. Many vintage dresses have a special something that the modern counterparts lack, and as an added bonus you can feel good about repurposing a dress instead of buying a new one.
  • Make sure your bridesmaids dresses are nice enough to wear again.  How many bridesmaids’ dresses hang un-reused in cupboards all over the world? Let your girls wear something that they’d be happy to wear to another party.
  • Most of us don’t really need help kitting out our homes by the time we get married anymore, so if you don’t need any specific gifts, let your guests know what you would prefer.

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