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Beautiful Wedding Traditions from South America

The mainstream wedding industry in our country is pretty unconventional I think. While many couples do conform to certain Western traditions, the weddings here are pretty cosmopolitan and rituals are seldom adhered to. Couples don’t stick to any sort of pre-conceived wedding plan so much as they simply mix and match to suit their tastes. In some ways it is kind of sad that you can’t really say “this is what happens at a traditional South African wedding” (you really can’t – we have far too many different cultures here to ever be able to say that – even if different traditions are upheld there is no blanket South African tradition that applies to everyone) but it is kind of cool that the modern bride has complete control over what does and what doesn’t happen at her wedding. This means that she gets to pick and choose from all sorts of traditions if she wants to, so I thought it would be kind of cool to collect a few of the more romantic traditions from around the world. You know, those traditions that make you go, “Aw, I wanna do that!”

In Brazil

It is customary for the bride’s name to be engraved in the groom’s ring and the groom’s name in the bride’s ring.

In Argentina

Both the bride and the groom wear engagement rings made of silver. During the wedding ceremony a gold ring is either added to or used to replace the silver rings.

In Chile

Engagement rings are worn by both parties on their right hands. At the wedding ceremony they are moved to the left hand.

In Venezuela

The bride and groom sneak out of the wedding reception unnoticed as it is considered good luck for them to leave without saying goodbye to anyone.

In Columbia

Brides often wear a coin in one of their shoes as a symbol of never having to go without the basic necessities.

In Puerto Rico

A doll wearing a duplicate of the bride’s gown is placed on the main table at the reception. Guests traditionally pin gifts of money to the doll during the evening.

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