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4 Common Complaints of Wedding Guests

It pays to know what other weddings guests have complained about. It gives you the upper hand when it comes to avoiding certain issues, and the knowledge of how best to get your guests to enjoy themselves.

Yes, you are right, the wedding is about love shared and a commitment to a life as husband and wife, but your friends and family have come to share it with you, and want to have as good a time as possible – everyone loves a party!

One proviso: It pays to remember there is always someone who isn’t pleased. This particular type of person is going to be otherwise no matter how best you arrange things. In this instance, it pays to smile, be gracious and know that it was nothing you could have done.


How inconvenient was the date of their wedding?

Choosing New Year’s Eve or Easter Friday to marry is a sure fire way to discourage guest attendance. If this is your intention, go ahead. But generally people have already planned their getaways (sometimes a year in advance) and find juggling holidays rather difficult.

I was single and didn’t have any fun!

Simply inviting your one remaining bachelor cousin because you know you have a couple of single girlfriends attending does not a happy wedding make (although sometimes this irreverent attempt at matchmaking does work!). Either phone the singletons once the invites are out and suggest they bring a partner, if they desire. Or else make sure to include group dancing, like line dancing. These are extremely popular as they get everyone up on the dance floor.

OMG, and the music!!?

Nothing will ruin a reception faster than a DJ or band who plays music that no-one can tolerate. It is always a good idea to mention beforehand songs that are your pet peeves (Macarena, YMCA and Lady in Red spring to mind). If techno music is not your thing, you might want to have at least an idea of your DJ’s order of the day, or your Grandmother could end up comatose in a corner.

The speeches went on and on and on…

Once the speeches get going, and the champagne begins to flow, things can get swiftly out of hand if there hasn’t been careful preparation about who says what, when and for how long. Impromptu passing of the mike is forbidden.

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