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Buying Affordable Art Online In South Africa – A Perfect Gift For A Wedding

Who said art is unaffordable? A more wonderful gift for a just married couple than an original piece of art to place above the fireplace, or on a spot on the wall in the kitchen, you won’t find.

There are a few local websites that give one the opportunity to hand-pick something special, and to become better acquainted with local artists. Many of the works come unframed, so your couple will be able to choose exactly how they would like it – mounted, framed etc.

Simply Art

Market themselves as the easiest way to buy and sell art online. The site gives artists an immediate audience, and allows buyers to browse without feeling the eyes of the gallery owner on their backs. The site is divided into convenient categories – abstract art, African art, florals, landscape, nudity etc. However, there is no bio of the artists, they do not appear to be vetted (anyone can add their art here), and you’ll need a discerning eye to make a selection. Prices are reasonable.

Work Art

Alows you to, for instance, buy a Van Gogh print and have it framed – all online. You can filter your search by subject, by artist, by style / medium, by art movement, or by colour. There is also featured artists’ section where you might catch a glimpse of something you like. In their online shop you can view ready framed pictures and create your own art by uploading and printing your own image, and framing it. Their byline is ‘artwork for your interior’ and their step-by-step formula, makes it easy to buy

State of the Art

Is an online gallery, so it’s curated, which means the art has been carefully selected. It’s all orginal, and is affordable because they focus on early career artists. If you have a discerning eye, it’s a wonderful space in which to take a gamble – but you won’t have to, as most of it is simply beautiful. Best choice is the ‘art by price’ selection that allows you to choose how much you spend. You can also select by artist, or subject.

Bid or buy

Needs no introduction, but there is a section for online art – directly from the artist, original SA art, reproduced art, or unknown artists. There is some beautiful work available, so get bidding. A good place to get a good artist for less.

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