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Elle’s Bridal Diary: Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Tips, Ideas and Wedding Invitation Inspiration – I have read that the invitation to your wedding is easily the most important element of your big day as this is the guest’s first impression of the bridal couple. While I think “the most important element” is taking it too far as every couple may place value and importance on different parts I do agree in that it is vital to set the tone for your wedding early on.

Your invitation is a key, a hint and a glimpse to what your guests can expect when they join you for your celebrations. Your invitation is an opportunity to entice and excite your guests for the pending festivities.

From the get-go my Bear and I were determined to keep things simple and keep things unique and true to our own personalities and style. For our wedding we’ve chosen and naturally gravitated towards a rustic, beachy theme and we wanted our invitations to reflect that. What are some of the other things to consider when creating or choosing invitations?


Our design is simple and we chose to pursue it as a project we would do as a couple. If you are not creatively inclined or you do not have access to programming and software that will make this an easy project – especially if you have intricate details in mind – consider using a professional designer as this could turn into a frustrating task.


Traditionally invitations include all the information guests may need regarding the wedding. This could include the family details, the date and venue of the wedding, details to a gift registry and a map or directions. I’ve even received unique wedding invitations that include small tokens and gifts. Another trend we’ve noticed is the growing popularity of wedding websites and we would often see invitations containing minimal information with a link to the website for all the essentials.

We’ve chosen to give our guests all they need to plan and prepare while still maintaining an element of mystery.


The language used in your invitation also provides your guests with an idea of the style and feel of your wedding. The internet is filled with templates to give you some good ideas or if, like us, you fancy your way with words why not give it a personal spin.

A wedding I attended recently saw the groom cleverly disguise details to the wedding in a fairytale which also added a great deal of excitement as unravelling the clues held the reward of a wedding equal to its fairytale beckoning.

Invitations could be fun or frustrating so start early and give yourself enough time and freedom while staying true to yourselves and the style of your wedding.

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