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Candice’s Bridal Diary: A Matter of Money between Friends

I’ve reached the point in my planning process where I have to start thinking about bridesmaids – I’ve already asked two friends, so the main part is out the way. Now it’s on to dresses, colours, make up, hair and shoes – and a little confusion on my part.

I was originally going to pay for dresses, and then ask them to do their own hair and makeup. However, I was informed by a recently married friend (the best kind of advice) that it’s really worth getting professional make up done, and cutting costs somewhere else if necessary. Sigh. There goes my idea from 2 weeks ago of potentially doing my own.

With makeup, hair, dresses, shoes and gifts (for the bridesmaids, not for me!) the issue of who pays for it all arises. Obviously if I was able to, I would do it all – but I’m not. I did a little research and the camps seem pretty divided on the subject – some saying the bride pays for their dresses, and the maids pay for the rest, some say the maids pay for everything (as they keep the dress and benefit from looking lovely), and some say the maids should pay for everything related to their outfit – as they are friends and should do it as an act of support.

This all sounds great on paper and in principle – but in real life, I fear it may be completely different. Your bridesmaids are your closest friends – ladies you’ve shared years of your life with, who are also going to share in your most special day – to now address the issue of money and who pays for what just seems a little petty and inappropriate to me, even though it is a fairly important part of the decision making process. I have no idea how I’m going to address it, or even what the suggestion should be – should I pay for their dresses and leave them to contribute to the rest? What are your thoughts?

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