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Lauren’s Bridal Diary: A Few Things You May Forget Whilst Planning Your Wedding

As the wedding date draws ever nearer, we have found ourselves slacking in the preparation stakes somewhat. And that really is ok. Trying to prepare, plan and orchestrate consistently for six months may kill you.  So in true Cape Town fashion, we have rested on our laurels and hibernated beside the Olympic TV screen and breathed. That was until the three month mark came and went. And we remembered how many things we still need to accomplish.  Here are a few things …

Order of Service (OFS)

Order of what? Yes, up until two months ago I too had no clue what this was or what it had to do with our wedding. I’m told that six weeks is the expected time to send out invites. This is a great relief as our invitations are chilling somewhere in the conceptual phase. But once the invites have been dropped off at the homes of our guests, there is still another visit we’ll have to make to the printers.

The OFS is what the guests will receive upon arrival at the ceremony. It should tell them what to expect in the ceremony from the processional, to readings and prayers until the moment you depart as husband and wife- the part which I’m most looking forward to.

Ante Nuptial Contract (ANC)

Growing up in a Christian home an ‘Ante Nup’ seemed like an unnecessary thing in my mind. Something reserved for couples who planned to get divorced one day or even considered it an option. My amazing parents have been married for 31 years- Bless their hearts. And they were married in community of property which was quite common among young couples in their day.

But if one partner becomes insolvent and struggle business wise, if you don’t have an ANC, the creditors can attack the assets of the solvent / financially stable one. I plan to grow old with my hubby-to-be but it would be stupid to ignore the legalities that could help you both stay afloat and assist each other’s business ventures.

I’m told that ANC with Accrual has similar sharing benefits of being married in Community of Property, without the risk of creditors going for the assets of the solvent spouse.

Décor Overseer for the day

Whilst most couples cannot afford a wedding planner or want to experience all the highs and lows of wedding preparations themselves, realistically you should have an overseer on the day.

Whilst your cousins and family members may find themselves on ‘put up’ and ‘take down’ duty before and after the wedding, who will be there on the day to oversee that everything has not been plonked down by those doing the heavy lifting? If possible, steer clear of the mother of bride as she’ll be in some sort of a state as it is and immediate family members.

Ask someone who shares the same taste as you and who you can trust to ensure that everything is arranged as you’d love it to be. If everything is not “as per your conversation”, smile and enjoy every minute of the day anyways.  It will probably be gone before you know it.

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