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Lauren’s Bridal Diary: 3 Things You’ll Never Have Enough Of When Planning A Wedding

No matter how long your engagement, the location of your wedding or the number of guests, there are some things you’ll always yearn for more of.

1. Time

If you’ve had a long engagement then you may procrastinate and wait until it was really necessary to start planning your wedding. If you’re like me and have a six month engagement period, you may always wish for a little bit more time. I most certainly don’t want to wait any longer to marry my fiancé, but a few hours in a day or a half-day job would be a winner.

If you work 9-5 job, chances that you’ll see daylight or open stores in South Africa are slim to none. Pity this is not Seoul, where malls stay open until the 3am and you could pick out jewellery for you and your bridesmaids at any hour.

2. Money

As much as we’re really not keen to spend oodles of cash on one day and put money aside for travelling after, costs add up. I figured my accounting fiancé was used to seeing digits all day and that I was the one least comfortable with numbers. Once we punched our costs into a budget calculator and I saw the look on his face followed by his first outburst so far, I realised this was not true.

I was calmer about our escalating nuptials costs and he was in shock. Truth be told, when it comes to weddings you can continue spending and spending very easily without intending to do so unless you budget and stick to it. Whilst you’ve booked a photographer, you’ll remember you still need a videographer.

Plus the invitations still need to be paid for and your wedding singer. It’s no surprise that weddings end up costing over R100 000 or more for some. Is that entirely necessary? No. The choice is up to you- do you need Steven’s Spielberg’s protégé to film your wedding meaning that you’ll go hungry on your honeymoon down the road.

Or realise that you’ll probably watch the video a total of ten times and spend the money travelling together instead or for life thereafter.

3. Space

Luckily I still live at home with my family. I live the good life with mom’s daily meals, my washing done and no rent to pay. One thing I lack here is space. Slowly but surely my room resembles a haberdashery or décor store. Boxes filled with candles, décor and lanterns are piling up higher than my bed.

Bags of colourful material now live beneath my desk and a few pieces I found at vintage stores have consumed my desk. I still have engagement bottles of champagne waiting to be popped beside my wedding magazine pile.

Outside and in our garage are many more items to be found and there’s still four months to go. There is literally no more space to put anymore goodies, so I hope that I’ll still be able to find a way to my bed a few days before my wedding amidst it all.

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