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Wedding at Diemersfontein Wine Estate by Charnell Timms

Diemersfontein Wine Estate in Wellington was the Venue for this stunning wedding sent to us by Passionately Playful Photographer, Charnell Timms. We thought you might enjoy a photograph of the 2 tents – the one lavish image taken at night looks like something out of a Canadian outback with all the beaming trees and then – the little tent for the kids – very cute – check out the 6 tiny little sleeping beds for the kids on the far left hand side of the image!

About Charnell – Working alone, photographers need to show physical endurance for longer wedding ceremonies, but also they need to adapt to the humour and mood of the wedding party at large. It is here, aided by her honours degree in psychology, that Charnell is able to approach her wedding shoots with a playful passion and understanding. Her boundless energy and easy spirit allows her to interact with the wedding party and guests in an effortless blend of professionalism and exuberance.

This spontaneous approach is very helpful, especially with couples who are nervous or feel awkward in front of the camera. They need some gentle pointers on how best to interact with the camera. By combining clear instruction with laughter (getting clients to run towards the camera, or asking them to jokingly sneeze out loud), you allow the focus to move away from the clients, and in that moment of pure orchestrated silliness, when they are no longer aware of your immediate presence, that you capture those spontaneous images…

Diemersfontein Wedding by Charnell Timms

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