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A Beautiful Beach Wedding

A Beautiful Beach Wedding ~ From about October onwards our fabulous South African weather starts allowing for one of the most beautiful ways to get married: on the beach.

The best thing about planning a beach wedding is that nature tends to provide the “wow” while you just need to bring the gravy. This can also conveniently translate to saving you money in the long run, because you really do need very little décor when the setting is so spectacular.

Here are a couple of tips to get your beach wedding ideas flowing:

Use Benches Instead of Chairs

Instead of setting out rows of chairs, why not hire a couple of benches for your guests to sit on. They have a sleeker look and have a more back-to-nature feel than rows of fancy chairs. If you want you can provide a cushion for each guest.  If you have them specially made they can double as a wedding favour.

Have a Shoe Basket

Get yourself a cute (and big!) basket to house your guests’ shoes and place it where they will see it on arrival. They would surely prefer to feel the sand between their toes and it will be quite convenient for them not to have to carry their shoes around.

Wear Beads on Your Feet

Instead of going completely barefoot yourself, find or make yourself a bead “shoe”. This is basically a fancy ankle bracelet as it is a string of beads that circles your ankle and loops around your second toe. Does it serve a purpose? Well, no. But it looks really pretty.

Skip the Red Carpet

Don’t line your aisle with a carpet. Instead make an Aisle by scattering white rose petals on the sand. Again this keeps it simple and natural. Can you imagine it? Benches down the side with a rose petal aisle? Gorgeous!

Pack a Picnic

Instead of retreating to a fancy reception hall afterwards, why not have everyone stay at the beach and enjoy a picnic together. Divide your guests into groups (as you would if you were seating them at tables) and provide each group with a nicely stocked picnic basket.

Celebrate with your guests and then have all your photographs taken afterwards when everyone has gone home. That way you will have plenty of time to get in all the shots you want and you won’t feel in a rush to get back to your wedding party.

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