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Why You Should Learn to Dance Before Your Wedding

I’d like to start this post by telling you a secret: Boys who can dance are special. Immediately when you hear the words “ballroom dancing” you think “girly”. But the thing is, you need boys for ballroom dancing in the same way that you need boys for romantic comedies. Call these things “girly” if you must, but they just don’t work without the boys.

I will say it again: boys who dance are special! And learning to dance with your significant other can be quite a special experience if you let it be. If you can wrap your head around a few realistic expectations and a few simple truths, you could be tearing up that dance floor in a matter of six months. Six months?  Yes. In as little as six months – even less for the fast learners – the two of you could be quite confident on your feet.

Let me just say that yes, it will take a while in the beginning for it all to make sense, but dancing is not nearly as complicated as you might think and if you are that way inclined you could so much as approach it with a mathematical brain or even a musical brain if you feel like you might not have the co-ordination to otherwise pull it off. As long as the two of you make a commitment to be patient with each other while you learn, the investment in learning to dance will surely be a worthy one.

Here are some reasons to consider it:

  • Learning to dance together can bring you closer. While learning to dance together you form a stronger bond. Yes, you already have a strong bond, but working together to make this particular art form work can have the most profoundly strengthening effect on a relationship.
  • You will learn to communicate better. With ballroom dancing one of the first things you learn is a kind of bodily communication. What you see when you watch people dancing is simply something impressive. What you don’t see is that these two people are talking to each other without words. They have learnt to lead and follow each other, communication with each other in the smallest of ways. It is the most profound way of listening to someone. On the dance floor you look out for each other. You protect each other from collision. You hold each other up. It is incredibly metaphorical when you start thinking about it.
  • You will have fun. Yes you will! Take your sense of humour with you and you will most certainly have a wonderful time as you learn how to navigate the dance floor. Fun is such an important part of relationships and yet so many of us start to forget about fun as we get caught up in the seriousness of life.
  • You will conquer something together. No you do not need to learn how to become professional dancers in order to feel like you have achieved something here. Simply learning how to do something together has such a solidifying effect on a relationship. It seems like a small “obstacle” but it is a worthy one none-the-less.

Once you have learned the basics of ballroom dancing the dance floor will very quickly stop being an obstacle of intimidation. The time you put into learning the skill will surely not be wasted especially if you are planning to have a bit of dancing at your wedding. And after that you can tear up the dance floor at other weddings too!

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