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Urban Energy of Cape Town city centre by Charnell Timms

I enjoy being involved in story-telling situations. Wedding days, with all their charm and romance, are often accompanied with a haphazard unpredictability that requires a playful sense of humour“, says Charnell Timms, her gallery of wedding photos bearing testimony to her versatility and buoyant energy as a photographer.

Although Charnell’s images have a vibrant, funky edge to them, it is obvious that her strongest point is her ability to capture chemistry between couples. When we asked Charnell how she manages to get this right every time she said … “The only way to do this is to ensure that my clients have a really spectacular time during the photo shoot – if they do, they will all naturally be able to emit that chemistry in large loving doses“.

Charnell is a freelance photographer specializing in destination photography. Using digital photography, accompanied by the funky art of lomography, Charnell is not only a photographer, but part and parcel of the wedding vibe. Her uplifting presence, ‘joie de vivre’ and experience in crossing the ‘cultural divide’ have been celebrated by couples around the globe, who have flown her to shoot their international weddings in France, Germany, England, Mexico and the USA.

Get in touch with Charnell on telephone +27 (0)84 366-0046 or on her mobile: +27 (0)84 366-0046 or see Charnell Timms Photography for more info and photos.

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Urban Energy Photo Shoot, shot on location in the vibey Mother City, Cape Town (click icon for ‘full screen mode’ to view the large gallery – bottom right of gallery).

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