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Look Gorgeous In Your Wedding Photos – Make-Up Tips

Looking fabulous in your wedding photos is a given. So make-up tips are just about essential, particularly if you’re not that au fait with make-up trends and lack the imagination to begin to find out.

Whilst hiring someone to do your make-up might sound like a sensible idea, there are ways to take your own measures and not leave it up to chance. Here’s what the experts advise:

  • Use matte make-up – that’s anything that does not shimmer, shine or sparkle as these tend to reflect light on to your face (add a camera flash and….)
  • Use a primer – what’s a primer? It allows your foundation to go on more smoothly so that it doesn’t settle anywhere; it also hides large pores, blotches or slight breakouts
  • Use a water based foundation as créme based ones tend to look cakey in photos
  • apply your make-up in a natural light setting not under heavy lights
  • Keep eye-makeup as natural as possible – stick to browns and beiges and stay away from frosty colours
  • Go easy on eyeliner and mascara or your eyes can look smaller in photos (or they end up under your eyes); simply draw a thin brown or grey line instead
  • Use blush, even if you haven’t before – it helps define your face, but don’t overdo it, and choose a colour that is natural on your face
  • Try falsies – they’re not for everyone, but experiment ahead of time; they can make eyes light up and look incredible
  • Don’t scrimp on the lipstick – if you think your eyes are too heavy for lipstick too then go with something softer and more neutral on your lips, preferably in blue tones, as this makes your teeth look whiter; and define them first with a lip pencil in the same tone as your lipstick
  • Go for the powder – particularly if you tend to shine, something like MAC blot powder is something you’ll use forever; even if you don’t shine, the powder adds a flawlessness
  • Whiten your eyes with this stage tip – dot a little white shadow on the inside corners of both eyes
  • Define your brows – with a pencil, or get them tinted a few days in advance – they’re essential to frame your face

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