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What Do You Register For Wedding Gifts, When You Don’t Need Any?

Let’s face it: We live in a day where not all the usual “planning a wedding” traditions apply any more. Some of them work, of course, but most certainly not all of them. One of the norms that needs a little re-definition is the gift registry.

When you’re a very young couple setting up your first household it makes sense that your wedding guests help you with gifts to fill your new home. But couples are marrying later in life these days, and it is more likely that you are blending the contents of two established households than starting an entirely new one from scratch. It therefore makes very little sense to register for cheese graters and towels and pizza cutters and pots and pans because you already have all of those things.

The best way to avoid acquiring a third set of every kitchen utensil imaginable is to make a note in the wedding invitation. Yes, it may feel awkward, but a little note saying “In lieu of gifts please xyz…” is quite alright.

So what do you register for wedding gifts – when you don’t need any? Here are some ideas …

Contribute to our honeymoon fund:

Honeymoons are expensive and the expense comes at a time when you have already spent a lot on a wedding. While you may be tempted to register at some larny home décor place, a great honeymoon is going to mean more than matching kitchen utensils to replace the ones that you already have.

Help us buy this piece of art:

One of the coolest things newlyweds are doing these days is buying art for their homes instead of asking for things for the kitchen. If you ask your guests to give a little something towards a specific painting that the two of you love, that painting will hang on your wall and be a reminder of your wedding forever.

Buy something for our garden:

It seems silly but there is something very symbolic about growth. Imagine your wedding guests all bought trees and shrubs and flowers for your garden. Then the two of you plant these gifts together and your entire yard becomes a tribute to your relationship.

Donate to a specific charity:

If you are lucky enough to feel that there is absolutely nothing that you need, why not ask your guests to donate to one of your favourite charities in your name. That way, you all get to feel like you have done something incredibly positive, and the lucky charity of your choice gets to make just a little bit more of a difference in the world.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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