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Wedding Flowers and Symbolism – The Arum Lily

In our first of a series of posts about Wedding Flowers and their Symbolism, we look at the popular Lily, much loved in South Africa by brides for many reasons. Arum Lilies (Zantedeschias) produce large, showy flower spathes and are often grown both as ornamental plants and for cut flowers. The Arum Lily is a popular choice with brides as it oozes both sophistication and elegance but in an understated way. Thanks to their long straight stems, Arum Lilies work very well as bridal bouquets but can also easily be incorporated into cascade or shower bouquets.

Common Name: Arum Lily
Horticultural Name:
Colours: The most popular is white, but Lilies are available in a range of colours
Symbolism and Meaning: Majesty, truth, honor
Best suited for: Bouquets and floral arrangements
Scent: Moderately fragrant
In Season: Summer
Price Range: Moderate to expensive


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