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Trash The Dress

What happens to the dress after the wedding?

Does it hang in plastic in your husband’s cupboard, the way mine does? Do you preserve it, or as some brides do, trash the dress?

Trashing the dress has nothing to do with cutting it up with a pair of scissors, despite sounding as though it is a seam-ripping extravaganza. In reality, it involves a dress photo session (fun, if you haven’t already tired of being constantly snapped after an engagement round of photos and the photos) of the newlyweds, in their wedding garb but in way out and unusual places, without having to worry about getting your clothes dirty. It’s kind of like playing in the mud as a child, in your Sunday best.

It isn’t called ‘trashing’ the dress for nothing. And you will be expected to get really dirty – rolling in mud and sea sand are mild trashing sessions.

Here is a list of other ‘ideas’ for your dress, post wedding:

  • sell it on eBay
  • give it a crop – convert it into a cocktail dress
  • give it to another bride – a good friend or family member (they might not thank you for this)
  • donate it to charity
  • turn it into a fancy dress costume – nothing like Halloween to haul out your now black wedding dress
  • throw a wedding-theme party at least once a year and get everyone to wear their wedding dresses
  • spend a great deal of effort and time mothballing it in a museum-quality, acid free box and store it in the attic for your daughter/daughter-in-law to wear one day
  • keep it in your cupboard as one of your chief ‘thin days’ wardrobe and torture yourself by trying it on once a month
  • turn it in to a quilt – what better way to continuously celebrate your marriage than combining the shirt your partner wore, your dress, and any other item of clothing that has special value for you, into a quilt for your bed
  • use it to cover your wedding album
  • turn it into pillow cases
  • keep it for your renewal of the vows celebration ten years from now

What are you planning to do with your Wedding Dress after the Wedding?

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