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To Dance At Your Own Wedding

My sister and her husband did a whole ballroom number at their wedding. I remember thinking at the time – you’ve got to have balls to do this! But in hindsight, it was very sweet (they’re both closet performers, so this gave them a chance to strut their stuff).

But would you dance at yours?

If you already know more than enough not to embarrass yourself, and your partner to be moves relatively well too, or at least well enough not to embarrass themselves or you, then why not?

The first dance can be so much more than simply getting up there and shuffling through a song whilst clutching one another for dear life in case one of you falls.

If you feel a little nauseous at the thought of getting up there in front of your friends and family, then this isn’t for you. Give it a pass, and forget the whole idea.

But if it’s merely a little anxious you’re feeling, and this quickly remedied by a number of rehearsals to get you slick and perfect, then stepping out there is definitely something you should consider.

And it doesn’t have to be formal or desperately nerve-wracking. If you’re practised it can be a complete synch, and, what’s more, you can actually enjoy yourself.

There are numerous dance studios that will offer you coaching. Learning to waltz, two-step or even tango is not beyond you, particularly if you’ve got rhythm and fewer than two left feet.

Here are a number of steps to becoming step-perfect:

  • Decide on what dance you and your partner are keen on – salsa, tango, waltz, hip hop
  • Consider lessons at least six month before the big day – the idea is that when you take to the floor, you’re so natural with one another that you can do it in your sleep
  • The whole process can be an incredible bonding process, and you will be able to dance together for the rest of your lives
  • Consider, if you’re still a little fazed by strutting your stuff, involving your parents and your parents-in-law – all of you can dance the first dance together
  • Choose a song

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