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The wedding photo booth

This is a great idea for a wedding. Yes, you must still have your formal wedding photographer, but think how much fun it is for you and your guests to have a booth at your disposal for those fun moments that don’t seem to make their way into most wedding albums?

And before you go accusing me of coming up with a rather bizarre notion, I assure you that photo booth rental for weddings overseas is rather big (there is even a Wiki entry) – it’s almost up there with the latest trend of moustache’s at weddings (I know, I know – now that’s bizarre!)

Booths for hire can come with a photo booth attendant (how many attendants do you see in the photo booths at Victoria Station in London?), who can both service the booth and help your guests put together the guest book of photo strips. They can also do online image hosting and disks with all the images for you to use.

If you really want to make a thing of it, you can prepare a box full of props for your guests to use – monocles, glasses, moustaches, hats, black boards and chalk, picture frames, balloons – all of which add to the merriment of the moment and make hilarious pics.

Pictures are what you will remember your wedding by. And whilst the more formal photographs are important for mantle pieces, it will be the fun and spur-of-the-moment ones that will make it for you. The type that you’ll stick on your fridge door. Just make sure there is a remote shutter, as you want people to feel they can simply sneak over to the booth and have their photo taken.

Oh, and your photo booth doesn’t necessarily need to be the metal framed box with a seat that you remember from train platforms in Europe. It can also be as simple as a colourful backdrop with a camera  set up on a tripod stand in front (just make sure it’s sturdy), with a viewing station where guests can flick through photos already taken and delete ones they don’t like. And, the good news, you can make one yourself – Google “wedding photo booth diy” if you’re cash-strapped.

(and don’t forget to charge the batteries in the camera!)

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