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The devil is in the details – the little things that make your wedding perfect

It’s the little things that the average wedding blog or website will not even think to tell you, that will give your wedding that something special, that extra zing that will say that it’s your wedding…

Aside from the perfect pair of earrings to offset your dress (for earrings, you understand, are really important – I have a friend who bought no fewer than three pairs before she found the right ones), there are other little, and not so expensive, ways in which you can give your wedding and reception that extra edge:

  • Line the walkway to the reception area with candles in brownpaper bags (particularly if it is at night), there is nothing that gives a more romantic and festive feeling than a lit walkway and candle light.
  • Don’t forget the loos – and we’re not just talking an array of soft hand towels, we’re also talking about checking that the toilet seats are all in good nick, that you’ve left out hand cream, handmade soap, breath mints and any other toiletry items you think might come in useful. And you might consider changing the glaring overhead lightbulb to something a little softer.
  • Decorate the seating board (the requisite table list) by adding photographs of yourself and your partner when younger, or when engaged. Or think of adding wedding photos of your parents and grandparents in this space – those who have gone before you.
  • Orchids and chandeliers – they scream decadence, particularly if you’ve kept the wedding simple, dress up the décor by stringing orchid flowers from the ceiling or pergola. And there is nothing quite like a cut-glass chandelier – beg, borrow or steal if you have to.
  • Oh, and think of writing a special note to your partner, to be delivered before you walk down the aisle. Have one of your friends deliver it. My husband did this and I can’t tell you what a difference it made to read how important the wedding was to him, moments before getting married.

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