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How to Know When You and Your Partner Are Ready to Get Married: The Family Side

Getting married is by nature the act of starting a family. Even if you don’t plan to have children the two of you will be a family. When it comes to deciding that you would like to get married there are a few family-related questions that you might like to ask yourselves.

Do you consider each other to be “family”?

Aside from the passion, the excitement and the pure exquisite love that your significant other inspires in you, the “right” person just feels like family. Comfortable. Easy. Effortless. (At least for the most part!)

Do you consider her family your own?

If you are spending time with each other’s families over significant holidays and celebrating things like birthdays and achievements together then your lives have definitely started to intertwine in a positive way.

Do your friends and family approve of you as a couple?

Now before you get your back up and start yelling about how you don’t need anyone’s approval when it comes to the girl you plan to marry, consider this: Your friends and family are the people who know and love you the most. These are the people who have seen both of you with other people. So…when her dad says he likes you it doesn’t only mean that he thinks that you are a swell guy. It means that he thinks that you are good for his daughter. It means that he thinks you make her happy. That counts for a lot. And you know what? It feels really good when these people are routing for you. These are the people who are going to remind you how much you love each other during those tough times when you feel like you might want to give up.

Do you share the same values?

When it comes to sharing a home and raising a family together it is important that two people share the same values. Obviously sharing the exact same values is impossible, but if you’re teaching the kids how to roll the perfect joint while she’s trying to teach them how to needlepoint scripture onto a pillowcase then you might have a few issues.

Have you discussed having children?

It is important to know where you both stand on the issue of children before you get married. If one of you wants to have children but the other doesn’t, then considerations need to be made. Are you willing to sacrifice something you want? Are you hoping your significant other will change their mind? Will you be ok if they don’t? If you both definitely want children are you happy to call yourselves a parenting team? Would you be proud to call him the father of your children? Does it excite you that she is going to be the mother of your future children?

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