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Over the Top Weddings, 10 Ways NOT to Get on the Bandwagon

This year has been a year of weddings – two major royal affairs saw Will wed Kate, and Zara wed Mike, followed by Kate Moss’s affair, and the latest Kardashian / H mphries wedding that had more press appeal than sincerity in an over-the-top wedding of note.

Between them, these events have raised the notch of celebrity weddings up a level that will either have stars tripping all over themselves to compete, or quietly outdoing one another to the contrary in low-key, played down affairs, where simplicity and understatedness contradict the over-the-top weddings completely.

Here follow a few simple ideas to help you keep your wedding low key and simple, without any obligation to rise to the pomp and ceremony that has enveloped 2011.

If you want a low-key wedding that is still traditional then realise that no wedding, other than nipping down to the local court with lunch afterwards, is simple. But there are ways to trim down on the paraphernalia to keep it low key:

  • Write lists, and lots of them – this way you stay on top of things
  • Keep the guest list small – this can be difficult, but there is an enormous difference between 80 guests and 300
  • Don’t try to impress – keep your stress levels, and bank balance, down and don’t go all out
  • Use the web for inspiration – often you will opt for something because you don’t know what your options are, rather take a look first at what others have done
  • Get a co-ordinator – you may think these are simply for expensive over-the-top weddings, but even if you use a friend of yours, she will help you minimise costs and make sure you don’t lose perspective
  • Keep the decorations simple – it can look tacky if you’re doing more than a few simple floral arrangements and candles
  • Low-key entertainment – a string quartet rather than a brass band
  • Skip the after-party – there is no need for a party, after the reception
  • Keep the outfits simple – hire tuxedos for the guys, and if you can, do similar
  • Keep the food simple – food can be the biggest extravagance

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