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Move Over Slow Food, Enter the Slow Wedding

The term ‘slow wedding’ is emerging in contradiction to the OTT style weddings that are the product of a wedding industry in overdrive.

Many marriage partners are so busy doing and over-achieving on the wedding Richter scale that they don’t get the chance to experience their wedding. It’s got so bad that some brides report barely being able to remember their weddings; it all passed in a blur of activity.

The Slow Food movement’s principles include being able to savour food, and protect the tradition and culture of food so that pleasure is possible. We have a right to enjoy our weddings, without the accompanying hustle that turns it into an enterprise rather than a gentle joining together of two people.

Enjoyment is about keeping it simple. We all know this. Yet when it comes to weddings we forget the premise. Slowing down in the face of one’s wedding might sound like a contradiction in terms, but it is possible, and here’s how:

Unplug your wedding

Get everyone to turn off their cell phones and put down their cameras for all the important bits. You can even state this clearly in your programme – that you want everyone to enjoy your wedding day with you, to be truly present and in the moment. You’ve hired a photographer to capture the great moments, there’s no need for them to be ‘elsewhere’ for the ceremony and special moments.


A moment of quiet before the ceremony. This kind of solitude in silence brings you into the moment and allows you to really connect with experience. If you and your partner can’t do it together, make sure each of you does it alone.

A pause

There is nothing like stopping for a moment. It is that much more potent when a group of people pauses together. At some stage of events – perhaps during the ceremony – get your minister or officiant to get everyone to stop, to listen, breathe and be still for a minute.

Remember to breathe

There are going to be lulls between things. Just before someone begins his speech, or whilst you’re walking from the car to the venue, after eating, or whilst someone is found for a particular photograph. If you can, remember to take 3 deep breaths – just 3, will restore you in the present.

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