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Marriage proposals – please will you marry me – how best to pop the question

I was recently in a flower shop – the kind that is also a tea and coffee corner, filled with long-stemmed roses, fridges and a lot of style – where a chat with the lady who runs the shop revealed that she was preparing some 500 roses, most of them long-stemmed, for a chap about to pop the question.

I laughed at the time, and thought it completely over the top. I particularly felt for the recipient: what if she said ‘no’?

I’ve never considered how it must feel to pop the million dollar question: will you marry me?

But it’s more than just getting her to say ‘yes’. It’s about making the day so memorable that it later rivals the wedding day when it comes to story time with the grandchildren.

With so much else contending for your girlfriend’s attention, what are some creative ideas you could use? (you might want to at least have broached the idea of marriage with her before you pop the question, so that you have an idea of her feelings for you).

Freeze the ring in her drink

This is what my now-husband did when he proposed (so it obviously works). Admittedly we were also on the hike on which we’d met, and I was so thirsty I would have drunk anything, including the ring, if he hadn’t pointed it out to me.

Send a bouquet of flowers

This one entails enormous confidence on your part, and you do lose out on gauging her reaction, but send her an incredible bunch of flowers to the office, with a ring attached to the ribbon and wait for the response.

Sunset picnic

Arrange a sunset picnic on a beach or on a mountain top somewhere and pop the question over champagne. Another variation on this theme is a sunset cruise up a river or out in the harbour of a city. Just make sure your lady has good sea legs.

Spoil her

With a dinner and overnight room at a rather fancy hotel. The wining and dining, followed by the lush hotel will get anyone to say ‘yes’.

Do it with roses

Go on, do what the guy in the flower shop did. Have a rose delivered on the hour every hour for 11 hours, and upon the 12th, show up and propose.

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