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If the shoe fits …

Word has it that the single-most awesome shoe you could lay your hands on this year is a (wait for it) single-sole cork pump silhouette (see Manolo Blahnik for inspiration), according to a fashion director from Barneys New York.

But if you don’t manage that (or don’t want them) then anything with sleek heels, ankle-straps, peep-toes and wedges will do.

Especially the wedges – they seem to be getting a serious look-in on the fashion scene, if not the wedding aisle. And they’re out in just about every colour possible too – burgundy, forest green, brown, gold and navy. These platform shoes have a whole ‘new take’ with lug-sole monk-straps and chunkier heels, and mixed materials like cork and wood.

Thankfully, for the taller bride, you will not have to stagger around on ridiculously high heels unless you want to, for mules and flats are also putting in a re-emergence as are mid-heels. But all shoes in the fashion world are getting what is termed a ‘highly designed’ look, which in no uncertain terms places shoes in the ‘not just functional’ category.

Which is not to say that the chic ivory heel has vanished. All but. Spiky heels have never been quite as popular and easily compete with chunky heels, and are a lot more elegant, if that’s the look you’re trying to create.

And bling, jewelled brooches and bold touches like jewel tones and avant-garde details simply re-emphasise the beautiful focus on the Victorian with a twist flair that is emerging in wedding dress fashion. Rhinestones, textured rosettes, gilded gold and shiny silver mean that anything goes.

Footwear just became more sophisticated, sleek and fun in 2012. Having said that, remember that you’ll be standing in those shoes for the better part of six hours, unless you’re intending on swopping them for trainers once at the reception.

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