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Fine, short hair – 6 tips & 2 styles you cannot do without

Fine hair can look limp and flat. But here are a number of styles and tips to help you move away from hair problems to hair that will hold a style and look stunning.

TIP ONE – use the right products. Fine hair tends to hold more moisture making it look limp and flat. You don’t need conditioner as a result, but use a volumising shampoo. These keep oil and moisture away from the scalp.

TIP TWO – get a good a haircut that is right for your hair, and your face. Fine hair needs good styling. Layered hair immediately adds volume, but there are other cutting techniques you can use to help create a style to suit your hair texture (straight, wavy or curly). Consider a side swept fringe as they give the illusion of thickness.

TIP THREE – dye it. Highlights and hair colour apparently help swell the hair cuticle which makes the hair look as though it has more texture.

TIP FOUR – stay away from hair straightener. Rather use a volumising mousse or lighweight hair gel, and a blow-dryer with a paddle hair brush. Only begin styling when your hair is just about dry, as moisture works against you.

TIP FIVE – Air drying is the best for fine hair. If you want to blow dry, pull your hair straight up using your hair brush at the roots for lift. And don’t over blow the style or your hair will only flatten.

TIP SIX – Swop your flat iron for a small to medium round brush. And if you want curls, use hot hair rollers. The heat from the rollers will hold the style for longer. For waves, use thickening spray gels and volumising mousse, not ordinary gels.

2 great hair styles

ONE – bobbypinned ponies – divide the hair at the nape of the neck into three ponies, secure with hair elastics. Then twist and bobbypin each into a small bun.

TWO – double stranded front twist – side part the hair, take a small section at the front of the hair line, twist it all the way to the end, pull back and pin. Do similar with a second section just beneath the first. Secure both towards the crown of the head.

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