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A new Perfume for the Wedding

What woman doesn’t love a new perfume or a reason to buy a new fragrance? Well for me, what could be more of a perfect time to spoil yourself with something fresh and indulgent, then of course, your wedding day? I say that a lot it seems, but I am serious; this is your day to shine brighter than your usual days. This is one of those times in your life that you can even count on one hand, where you are allowed to celebrate it being about you!

So now that we have cleared that up, not only does a new perfume tie a sense to your special day, allowing you to relive the magic any time with 1 spray and igniting all those wonderful memories. Another reason is it is also said to “boost the well-being of a women!” If you need a little direction you can take a look online and search for the top fragrances for the season or see what is hot on the market in your latest high-gloss fashion magazine.

I managed to find the top names that came up were;

  • Sarah Jessica Parkers fragrance called Lovely,
  • Armani,
  • Calvin Klein – Euphoria and Eternity,
  • Diesel,
  • Yves Saint Laurent,
  • Kenzo, and the list goes on!

I think the best way is to go into your local boutique and try on some wonderful fragrances and find the best scent for you. Try not to overpower the senses with your new perfume, but aim for something that enhances the magic of the moment.

Happy shopping!

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