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15 Easy And Uncomplicated Décor Ideas

Simple and beautiful decoration ideas for your wedding needn’t be tedious or expensive. Here’s how:

Location, location, location
You’re going to spend a lot less on décor if your venue is already a beautiful space on its own. Summer weddings need look no further than outdoor gardens (add wrought iron chairs, colourful seating cushions and flowers), and if heading indoors – look out for dramatic features like ornate fireplaces or chandeliers.

End of season sales
Sales have bargains on décor.

Always add an atmosphere of intimacy – think containers, different heights etc.

Use glass jars, crystal and copper tea kettles
To add a touch of vintage.

Mismatched glasses and crockery
This works well for picnics or summer tea party weddings. And easy to come by – raid your relatives’ and friends’ shelves, or the racks of antique shops.

Use herbs and greenery in flower arrangements
Not only do sprigs of rosemary, lavender, comfrey and tea tree look incredible, but they also smell wonderful.

Spiral arrange your chairs for the ceremony
This form does away with rows and sides, and is aesthetically interesting.

Use the dessert table as part of the décor
If the dessert table is beautifully arranged, or colourfully done, it can function as the focal point of the reception.

String flowery paper lanterns
This works beautifully out of doors or indoors, and won’t stress the budget.

Use chalk boards as information boards
To guide people to the wedding, to tell them about the food tables, to mark the seating arrangement etc.

Use fruit and seasonal veg as your table centrepieces
Nothing more beautiful, or more colourful…

Hang photos
Of the couple during their relationship and during the childhoods – this helps fill wall space and tells a story.

Use branches
They work beautifully as centrepieces or strapped onto the aisle ends in churches, and you can decorate them as you need to – paint them, spruce them with greenery…

Stick to a single contrast
Choose one bright contrasting colour – lemon yellow, sage pink, pale blue – and find all your décor in that colour.

Use a tree as the focus
If you can find a venue out of doors where the tree is the focus of the wedding ceremony, or better still, use the tree as the fulcrum of the reception – simply add Bedouin tent and fairy lights.

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