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Elle’s Bridal Diary: Do Me A Wedding Favour

Wedding favours are increasingly popular and some believe it to be an absolute necessity. I personally see it as another opportunity for you as bridal couple to share a bit of your personality and story in a fun and unique way.

There are endless possibilities and options to choose from when selecting your tokens and as there are no set rules, you can have fun and use your imagination. Let’s take some time now to look at some of those as we look to take our pick:


Mmmmm….what better than a yummy treat waiting for you as you arrive to your seat. I’ve often seen edible treats as favours at weddings and even these come with options. You could gift your guests with a treat to take away and enjoy at home. Examples of these include homemade jam, coconut ice, sweet jars and chocolate bars. You could also offer something that they can enjoy as part of your wedding reception. These could include macarons, diy hot chocolate and one of my favourites, s’mores.

Edible favours are literally a treat and leave your guests with sweet memories of the day they celebrated your special day. The down side, of course, is that they cannot keep this as a memento for too long and while the memory of your wedding may last, your guest’s gift does not.


While giving your guests t-shirts with your and your fiancé’s face in large print may be slightly tacky there are other garments that may serve as a fine option for a takeaway token. I’ve been gifted a beautiful pashmina at a winter wedding I attended and I have often worn it and reminisced of the wedding and the couple whom we celebrated with that day. Other options may include monogrammed neck ties for men while hats at outdoor weddings can be rather popular for both men and women.


I have also seen personalized accessories add a lasting impression to an already special day. Keyrings, charm bracelets, fridge magnets and coasters are all part of this list and could allow you to find a place in the homes of those nearest and dearest. They may be more expensive to have produced but they are guaranteed to not only impress but also have your guests sharing their wedding experience long after your big day.

As I mentioned earlier, there are no set rules around the giving of favours, have fun with it and be sure to sneak in bits of your personality and story.

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