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Candice’s Bridal Diary: The Calm Before The Storm

This week I can’t give you an update on the wedding plans and activities…simply because there aren’t any. We are still (very happily) getting married, but I think we’ve reached that lull between the initial excitement of getting engaged and first round of planning and organizing, and the pre-wedding rush that is sure to hit closer to April.

We’re somewhere between having our venue, photographer and church booked, and sending out save the dates. Wedding limbo – and I don’t mind at all.

With December a week away, bringing with it holiday fever, Christmas and my lovely fiancé’s 30th birthday (on 31 December, to make it even more exciting) and general end of year madness, I’m quite grateful that I can focus on Christmas trees, sunny days at the beach and birthday celebrations without having to set aside every second day for wedding preparations.

I’m mostly hoping that December / January will pass in a happy, festive blur – rushing by days filled with great food, friends and family – so I can wake up again in February, with three months to go until we get married – with just enough time to finalise my dress, send out invitations and start a day-by-day countdown. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not wishing away our period of engagement – but given the choice, I would be a wife over a fiancé any day (in particular, that day will be 27 April 2013).

I may regret my wish closer to the time – when I am perhaps rushing around wondering where all the days went – but thankfully, wishing is relatively harmless. As much as I would love to move time along, we will still be getting married in 155 days, regardless of how much I’d like it to be sooner.

Have any fiancés / brides been in a similar situation – our engagement is 9 months – how have you managed with longer periods?

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