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Candice’s Bridal Diary: All About The Cake

Considering my hobbies, the food at our wedding is of particular importance to me. We knew lunch would never be chicken and two veg, so that was a fairly easy decision for us to make, and one we were able to make pretty early on. Something, however, we are struggling with is the matter of a wedding cake. This concept first appeared in the middle of the17th century and stayed well into the early 19th century, and started as a popular dish called the bride’s pie.

This pie was filled with sweet breads, mince pie, or even mutton pie. A glass ring was hidden in the pie, and rumour had it that the woman who found the ring would be the next to be married (if chocking wasn’t a concern!) We seemed to have separated these two traditions into a wedding cake, and the tossing of the bouquet.

Thankfully we have moved on from the days of mutton and mince “cakes”, but we are now faced with hundreds of other options – from traditional fruit cake to dark chocolate or carrot, with equally as many icing options –fondant, marzipan, ganache, buttercream, cream cheese … it’s fairly overwhelming.

I feel the type of ceremony and reception plays a part in this decision – as we are having a morning wedding and lunch time reception, a towering, glittering 5 layer masterpiece might feel slightly out of place, but would be completely appropriate if you were having a formal dinner with tuxedos.

Our decision looks like it will be made through a process of elimination – neither Luke nor I are particular fans of fruit cake, so that is automatically out. Knowing my groom-to-be he would be completely happy with a dark chocolate cake or cheesecake (or maybe even a combination of the two!) So maybe watch this space for the first ever dark chocolate wedding cheesecake?

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