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posted on 27 July 2011 by The Tie The Knot Team
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Weddings Out Of Africa

Weddings out of Africa specialise in personal wedding planning for couples who reside abroad and need assistance with planning their wedding in South Africa. Our team is exceptional in their field, and offer many years of experience. We choose our locations with extreme care, and our extensive tourism knowledge ensures that we can help you with every detail of your destination wedding.

We provide our couples with perfection during the planning and at the event. This allows our couples to relax and enjoy every step of the process. Firstly, as independent consultants our clients benefit from personal planning with the co-coordinator where each wedding is individual and tailored to the couples dream day. Our couples never have to fit in with a ready prepared package, and whether the ceremony is for the couple alone or for a large wedding of 100+ we give all our clients the same personal service.

Weddings Out Of Africa

To our fantastic wedding planner – The day could not have run more smoothly. Kirsty you where great, always willing to assist, answering our calls when we thought we had an issue, even at the weekends. We could not have planned such a exciting, beautiful, momentous occasion. It’s always there in our minds a great wedding, planned so well without any issues. Now I have the most amazing wife who looked absolutely fantastic on the day, a truly fantastic wedding day due to your organisation and recommendations with regards to the wedding dress, make up, wedding cake, venue, Tigger Too and taking all the hassle out of our hands. Also looking after the financial side including negotiating cost which we thank you for.

I often look at the photos we have, looking at my wife, but also seeing our wedding planner there interacting with our guests. I have had several comments about the wedding, all the guy’s at work thought it was a excellent day, getting married on the yacht, food on the yacht, the timings, the helicopter photography the meal at Baia, it’s all positive thanks to you. It was also a pleasure having you join us at the evening meal along with your husband. It’s like we have known you forever and hope you may stay in touch with Megan and I. Once again thank you, it would not of been possible without you Kirsty – you helped make our day so special” – Clem Francis, United Kingdom

Contact Kirsty Marmarellis on telephone +27 (0)21 531-4887 or on her mobile: +27 (0)82 922-3448 or see Weddings out of Africa for more info, photos and to send an enquiry.

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